Hardtack: Survival Food for Survival Situations!

Hardtack (or hard tack) is a simple type of cracker or biscuit, made from flour, water, and sometimes salt. Inexpensive and long-lasting, it was and is used for sustenance in the absence of perishable foods, commonly during long sea voyages and military campaigns. The name derives from the British sailor slang for food, “tack.” It is known by other names such as pilot bread, ship’s biscuit, shipbiscuit, sea biscuit, cabin bread, sea bread (as rations for sailors), brewis (possibly a cognate with “brose”), or pejoratively “dog biscuits”, “tooth dullers”, “sheet iron”, “worm castles”, or “molar breakers”.

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Improvised Weapons, You may already have on hand.

When you find yourself in a survival situation, and I don’t just mean a end of the world type event, but a life or death situation. Your walking from the subway to the Park and Ride to get into your car after working late, it’s after sunset and right as you reach into your hand bag to get your keys, when all of a sudden your grabbed by a stranger. Continue reading