Determine the Size of your Solar Panel Array and Battery Bank Requirements

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Calculate How Many Solar Panels you’ll need to power my whole house entirely off solar. Solar power is the way to the future in energy development industry. Completely renewable, sustainable and fairly reliable, solar energy is becoming more of a reasonable energy source and less of a craze. If you are thinking of getting in on this sustainable resource for energy, you first will have to do some significant planning. Continue reading


Prepper Items to Look For at a Yard Sale or Thrift Store

The saying is true that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. We recently had a yard sale and it’s amazing to see how people take interest in other people’s discounted belongings. People are looking for a deal is the best way to summarize it. Those on a shoestring budget are much the same way. Some of the best items are those people wanna giveaway for next to nothing. There’s no better place to find a deal than at your local yard sales and thrift stores. Check out these prep items to look for.  For more wonderful posts like this, be sure to check us out at: Continue reading

What the Amish can teach us about parenting & 5 Simple games that can make kids smarter

What the Amish Can Teach Us About Parenting

By: Melissa Walker

You may think of horse-drawn buggies and handmade clothing when you hear the word “Amish” but when it comes to parenting, the Amish are one step ahead. That’s according to author Serena B. Miller’s new book, “More Than Happy: The Wisdom of Amish Parenting,” published February 3. Miller was inspired to write the book with co-author Paul Stutzman based on what she noticed when the Amish began establishing communities near her home in Southern Ohio — namely that their children were polite, well-behaved and happy—all the time. Their parents must be doing something right. Here are five child-rearing tips we can glean from the Amish. Continue reading

DIY Way to Waterproof Anything

You’re probably itching to get outside. As much as we are starting to see the back-end of winter, spring showers and temperamental weather still taunt us on a daily basis. So before you bring out the furniture, throw on the canvas shoes and get that backpack ready for a weekend in the outdoors, you’ll want to make sure everything is waterproofed! We have a DIY waterproofing solution for all your water repellant needs! Continue reading

All It Would Take Is A few well placed EMP blasts to Send America Back To The 1800’s

Our entire way of life can be ended in a single day.  It wouldn’t even take a nuclear war to do it.  All it would take for a rogue nation or terror organization to bring us to our knees is the explosion of a couple well-placed nuclear devices high up in our atmosphere.  Continue reading

How Many People Will Have To Migrate Out Of California When All The Water Disappears?

The drought in California is getting a lot worse. As you read this, snow-pack levels in the Sierra Nevada mountains are the lowest that have ever been recorded. That means that there won’t be much water for California farmers and California cities once again this year. To make up the difference in recent years, water has been pumped out of the ground like crazy. In fact, California has been losing more than 12 million acre-feet of groundwater a year since 2011, and wells all over the state are going dry. Continue reading

Where to begin prepping?

When I first started prepping I didn’t know specifically what I was supposed to do or what prepping was to be honest – only that I felt that strong need to do something to protect my family. This was a gnawing thought in the back of my mind; like the kind you might get when you see someone whose face is familiar, but you can’t picture where you know them from. When this happens to me, I can’t really think of anything else until I realize where it is that I know that person. It usually passes, but this lingering thought that I needed to get prepared would not go away.

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Survival of the Most Prepared!

With the Facebook group doing so well, we thought we would attempt to expand the groups potential, and start having group members write articles about content that interests them. In order to have a more streamlined feel and appearance, we thought it would be best to set up another way for the group as whole to express their thoughts and opinion as a easier to search and store format. Thus we started this page for all group members to have a chance to write articles about what they believe in, or are passionate about, and be able to have a cross platform to work with.

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