Medical Preparedness (Graphic Content!)

WARNING Graphic Content: This is just a general warning to any and all users, for items contained in the ‘Medical Preparedness’ Category on the blog, this category contains at times – explicit, graphic content that may not be suitable for any and all readers/viewers. These articles may contain detailed images of wounds, wound treatment, diseases and their effects as well as steps taken to manage, or cure them. This is a generalized warning to any and all readers. If you choose to view the Medical Preparedness category be advised the articles may very well not be suitable for viewing in a public or non-discrete viewing area. If you are prone to fainting at the sight of blood and the like we suggest you not read the articles posted in the ‘Medical Preparedness’ category. You have been warning, and if you agree to read the articles and posts in this category on this blog, you do so under your own volition, and agree not to hold the author, or site owner, or the site management liable for anything that may occur. We also stringently request that you NOT try anything you see or read in this category for any reason what so ever.

DISCLAIMER: The information given and opinions voiced in these articles are for educational and informational purposes only and does not replace medical advice or the practice of medicine. No provider-patient relationship, explicit or implied, exists between the publisher, authors and readers. As many of the strategies discussed here shall be less effective than proven present-day medications and technology, the author and publisher strongly urge their readers to seek modern and standard medical care with certified practitioners whenever and wherever it is available. The Author and publisher shall be held liable for the use or misuse of any of the items covered within.


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