About Us!

Survival of the Most Prepared – Knowledge is Power, Power to the People!The main focus of this group is survival skill training, for any plausible emergency or end of the world as we know it type event, as well as the dissemination of information pertaining to those types of matters. The group was created as a place where people from all over the known world can connect, interact, share and learn the art of survival, bush-craft, self-sustainability, self-reliance, self-defense and much more. The way to become prepared, and/or ready yourself and your family for potential disasters.

Survival preparedness is at its very basics a multidisciplinary routine. I say routine, because of the fact that Survival is akin to weight training. If you do not have a proper routine, that you (& in this case your loved ones) do not practice you are liable to lose those skills, or the edge you have with them. Preparing yourself and your family for a broad scope of potential Disasters and Emergencies will be a lifelong task. “Survival Prepping” is a lifestyle as well as a daily learning experience.

Our basic topics of discussion are:
1.) Basic Human Psychology.
2.) Hunting, Tracking, Trapping, Skinning/Dressing Skills.
3.) Gathering and Foraging Skills.
4.) Bartering and Trade Techniques.
5.) Water Collection, Storage, and Treatment.
6.) Basic Self Defense.
7.) Alternate Energy Information.
8.) Sustainable Living Practices.
9.) Bush-craft.
10.) Basics of Animal Husbandry for meat animal production.
11.) Survival Gardening.
12.) Basic – Intermediate Level First Aid.
13.) Basic Human Biology.

You may ask yourself, why would I someone with a normal 9-5 job in the city, need to know any of this information? Think about the Earthquake in Haiti, or the Tsunami in Thailand, or Hurricane Katrina. Even if you had followed the Governments recommendation about preparing enough supplies to survive an emergency for a period of 3 days. Would that have been enough for your family? There are families still years later dealing with what happened in those events.

Survival of the Most Prepared it here to help you learn the basic skills on which to prepare and practice in order to help yourselves, your families, friends and communities survive for weeks, months, or even years without infrastructure or help from Government agencies.

Welcome, and we hope that you enjoy your stay. We at ‘The Survival of the Most Prepared’ do not believe in censorship, so you are free to speak your mind. Understand that we also reserve the right to ban small-minded, bigoted, radical or anti-American verbiage as well as ban and/or remove anyone for any reason at any time, to ensure proper cohesiveness, and a relaxed learning environment.


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